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You Are The Focus

No More Diets or Cookie Cutter Programs

Every Workout Is YOUR Workout

You'll always know exactly what you should be doing and all of your workouts will be scheduled based on your lifestyle. Depending on your fitness level, we may even start you with simply walking while we put more focus on your diet. Like I said, everything is custom designed for YOU.

Every Meal Is YOUR Meal

Based on what you like to eat and your eating habits. Your coach will work with you to determine the best areas to focus on with your diet so you're more likely to succeed. Small hinges swing big doors and the same is true with your diet. Small changes can lead to big results. Real results.

And You Still Get To Live YOUR Life - An AwesomeLife

As you can see there is a great deal of flexibility built into your program when you’re an AwesomeLife Fitness Coaching client.

Take A Second And Imagine A Life Where You…

:: Feel confident in your body & able to wear those “skinny” jeans again

:: Have enough energy to run around and play with your kids or grandchildren all day

:: Look forward to having your picture taken, instead of shying away from the camera

:: Feel physically & mentally strong, able to take on any challenge or obstacle that comes up

:: Excitedly book that beach vacation & start shopping for a new bathing suit to wear with confidence

That’s truly the kind of life that our clients are living

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Success Stories

  • 5
    Being a client has changed my life drastically! Before, my caloric intake and the types of food I ate would now make me ill and I didn’t have any idea how to work out. I have been a client for 10 months now and I’m feeling healthier, happier, more confident, more energetic and, of course, smaller. The workout and nutrition guidance is phenomenal. Thanks to the support and motivation, for the first time in my life I feel like I can actually achieve my weight loss goals and, most importantly, I now feel like I’m worth it. It feels good to have the confidence again.
    Johanne Brelis – Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • 5
    Today I can honestly say I enjoy working out, I feel confident in how I look and I know I’m stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been. Shopaholic days are slightly less meaningful knowing I no longer need clothes to make me look nice, because ‘looking nice’ is what happens when you’re a client.
    Rosie – Toronto, Ontario
  • 5
    For years, I was trapped in a vicious cycle of losing weight, losing focus, gaining it all back and then some, getting depressed about it and trying again, and again and again. The physical changes have been amazing, but the benefits in terms of stress relief, and overall confidence in living my daily life have been phenomenal. It’s been an awesome trip
    Carol Lasson – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Meet Your Coach

Cameron Makarchuk

B.S. Kinesiology, Certified Personal Trainer, Master Transformation Coach, Best Selling Author

My name’s Cameron Makarchuk and I’m just a regular , normal person just like you.

I have the same cravings for “bad” food just like you.

I have the same lack of motivation to go to the gym sometimes just like I’m sure you do too.

Sometimes I don’t want to workout and think I’ll puke if I see another salad.

But I’m also someone who has spent the last 14 years studying fitness, exercise physiology, nutrition, behavior change and mindset strategies. Including a university degree in Exercise Science/Kinesiology and multiple certifications.

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